Community For A Lifetime

Deckerville Honored with “Community for a Lifetime” Status

On January 19, 2018 the Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging (CSA) was pleased to announce that the Village of Deckerville was approved for designation as a “Community for a Lifetime” (CFL). The CFL Review Panel recommended that Deckerville be recognized for their aging-friendly community, noting the following strengths:

  • Very good access to health care
  • Deckerville is a safe community with a low crime rate
  • Village staff gets out into the community to keep in touch with village residents and to insure public safety is maintained.The CSA established the CFL recognition program to support and highlight community efforts to initiate improvement that helps to make that community more aging friendly for all ages.
Community of A Lifetime Award

Why Deckerville is a great choice for retirement:

Of the many reasons that we believe Deckerville is a wonderful choice for adults in their retirement years, we find that housing costs here are amazingly affordable here. We offer a haven from big city life, but remain close enough to visit relatives who still endure the rat race. When it snows, the Deckerville Village Staff are out plowing the roads AND the sidewalks. When it isn’t snowing, they sweep the streets, maintain the parks, and generally keep the village in good working order.

We have our own water system (we know where our water comes from) which is tested and certified. We have our own fire department, manned by volunteers. We have our own police department, which is augmented by County Sheriff and State Police. High quality medical care is available with local doctors in the Village of Deckerville and a community hospital with an ER. We also have a walk-in clinic and a nursing home.

Crime is low; people are kind and supportive. You can walk to everything in Deckerville and almost everything is here that you would want to walk to. If it isn’t here, it is only a short drive away. Public transportation comes right to your door. It comes at the time that you schedule. Seniors enjoy a discounted rate for a ride. We have a Spartan grocery store and our own post office. There are places to dine and places to have your hair done. We have a bowling alley, a public library, banks, churches and even a bar.

There are places to be and things to do in Deckerville. Opportunities abound for volunteers. We have a community center where groups meet. Support comes from many places including the Human Development Commission, which offers Adult Day Services, Respite Care, Homemaking Services, Home-Delivered Meals, Personal Care, Caregiver Support, Senior Dining Centers, transportation and help with heavier work through a program called CHORE .

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